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Custard Apple

The Custard Apple The Custard apple’s botanical name is Annona reticulata, also known in English as bullock’s heart or bull’s heart. In Australia, there are two types of Custard apples grown, the African Pride and the Pinks Mammoth Custard apples are native to South America but Queensland is the world’s . . . Read more

Descriptive Essay

Samsad Milia Description of the places I liked in Atlanta Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Since I have been staying in the US, the rate and scope of my traveling increased. I make frequent trips, both short and long during the holidays, summer or other vacation. . . . Read more

Physics Ia Design Ib Hl

Research question: How does the mass of a muffin cup affect the velocity of the muffin cup? Variables: Independent The mass of a muffin cup, grams [g], m Dependent The time it takes for the muffin cup to reach the floor, seconds [s], t Controlled Air resistance, Newton [N], FA . . . Read more

School Captaincy Speech

Good morning to everyone here today. For those who do not know me, I am _______ and it is my aim to convince you, my fellow students, to vote for me as ________school captain. Throughout my years at _______ I have participated in numerous extracurricular activities which have advanced my . . . Read more

Epidemiology: Identifying the Potential Spread of Infections

Describe how epidemiology can be used to identify the potential spread of infections Awareness on infectious disease has been given importance for a very long time, even well before human kind had knowledge of micro-organism and its habitat. Related procedures, such as isolation were recognised and have been proved to . . . Read more

To What Extent Does Operant Learning Theory Offer a Model with Which to Understand and Manage Consumer Behaviour in the Design of Marketing Communication

NAME:AJAYI, FRANCIS IFEDAYO TAA CODE:214 BBMC TOPIC:To what extent does operant learning theory offer a model with which to understand and manage consumer behavior in the design of marketing communication? INTRODUCTION Operant learning theory is one of the learning theories in Consumer Behaviour. From marketing perspective, consumer learning is the . . . Read more

Gino Case Analysis

Current situation and Challenges The biggest challenge for Gino China right now is whether to take over Feima’s OEM business from its biggest distributor Jinghua or not. On one hand, Feima’s business is apparently attractive to Gino in terms of size and potential, and more importantly, is align with Gino’s . . . Read more

Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in the Australian Context

Corporate social responsibility and financial performance in the Australian context Matthew Brine, Rebecca Brown and Greg Hackett 1 The concept of social responsibility of corporations has engendered considerable interest in Australia in recent years. While previous research on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance has largely been . . . Read more