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Case Study 2 Internal ControlDorothy Blue (D01650957)1. Inform the President of any new internal control requirements if the company decides to go public. Since the President has decides to go public, the company will be required to maintain an adequate system of internal control. Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of . . . Read more

Sales Management Issues at Biolab

Sales Management issues at BiolabIf we take the evidence available in the case study at face value then Biolab presents as an organisation with less than ideal processes in relation to sales management.Due to the word count limitations I have chosen to concentrate on the following sales management issues identified . . . Read more

Case Study 1

1. Build the management-research question hierarchy. Management personnel of an organization are sometimes faced with difficult organizational dilemmas that need to be resolved. The use of the management research question hierarchy is one of the methods used for such purpose. It is a process that “is designed to move the . . . Read more

Economics – a China Case Study

Globalisation is the process of increasing integration among different countries, resulting in the establishment of a single world market. Globalisation has been accelerated in the last 50 years due to the relative stabilisation of international relations, development of international institutions that have assisted in the management of globalisation, technological developments . . . Read more

Simmons Case Study

Simmons Case StudyIn the year 2001, the Simmons Bedding Company was experiencing economic difficulties, which needed to be addressed for the company to maintain operation. Charlie Eitel, CEO of Simmons made the decision that the company had to make changes to its culture. A major change Charles Eitel contemplated was . . . Read more

Case Study

Question 22.Explain guanxiwang and what ethical issues might arise for a Western business committed to high ethical standards when drawing upon guanxiwang in China to get things done. Dan Mintz, founder of DMG, one of China’s fastest growing advertising agencies, credits guanxi for his success.  Mintz established connections with two . . . Read more

Danone Case Study

Summary:In this paper I will be analyzing the Danone Company case, more precisely the Activia’s place in Egypt. How it entered the market, its performance and the challenges that it faced in the market. I will as well propose a strategy for Activia’s next product life-cycle phase.Finally, I will rely . . . Read more

Brita Case

The Brita Products CompanyThe goal for the Brita products company is to obtain faucet mounted products retail market share by at least 10 percent in 2 years while in addition to maintaining the market share of pitcher products. The biggest obstacle for this goal is that PUR currently owns 74% of total . . . Read more


Nishani BaskararajahHHS4U1November, 5th, 2013The Young Single Case Study Assignment Aisha Patel is an eighteen year old post secondary student at Laurier University currently living in Waterloo Ontario. She has just gotten into her first relationship with Brian Khan after moving into Waterloo Ontario by herself. Aisha had a huge passion . . . Read more

Nature vs. Nuture

Nature vs. NurtureSchizophrenia is a personality disorder that is severe chronic disorder that affects the brain. Scientists believe that nature vs. nurture play a big part in schizophrenia, where it has gene and external environmental factors that can combine and he or she can develop the schizophrenia disorder. To understand . . . Read more