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Change Management in Al Noor Hospital

The Journey of Noor Hospital During Change Submitted by: Rami Nour Al-Smadi On: Monday April 11th 2011 Table of Contents 1Abstract3 2Introduction3 3Case Summary4 4Discussion7 4. 1The Nature of Change7 4. 2Typology of Change8 4. 3Process of Change9 4. 4Factors Effecting Change:11 4. 4. 1Deep structure11 4. 4. 2Single-loop learning12 . . . Read more

Public Sector Change

Journal of Change Management Vol. 6, No. 1, 99 –113, March 2006 Strategic Management and Organization Development: Planned Change in a Public Sector Organization HARRY SMINIAA & ANTONIE VAN NISTELROOIJAA A The Management School, University of Shef? eld, UK, A A Department of Administrative and Organization Science, Faculty of Social . . . Read more