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The Basic Teachings of Islam

Topic: the basic teachings of Islam Introduction Religion is one way of helping people establish a meaningful way of life, ground on promoting humanity’s personal growth and the concerns of others. Religion is not a simple term to define because different people from different societies, cultures and contexts may give . . . Read more

Maori Tribe

Research Paper Maori People Of New Zealand Introduction The indigenous Maori of New Zealand thrived in isolation and loneliness for many centuries before the start of European influence and Westernization. The Maori, or Tangata Whenua meaning “People of the land” , arrived in New Zealand some time between 900 AD . . . Read more

Geneva Case

Case 1: Geneva Pharmaceuticals ERP Implementation Summary: This case discusses Geneva Pharmaceuticals and the much needed ERP implementation within the organization. Geneva is one of the world’s largest generic drug manufacturers. Geneva needed new organization within the company to help better manage the over 200 SKUs in different size packages. . . . Read more

Law and Morality

THE LINK BETWEEN LAW AND MORALITY Morality can be described as a set of values common to society, which are normative, specifying the correct course of action in a situation and the limits of what society considers acceptable. Law on the other hand according to Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary is . . . Read more

John R. Searle “the Chinese Room Argument”

Introduction Any discussion of the thinking of University of California-Berkeley professor, John R. Searle must include an understanding that a machine has the ability to “think” just because it has been fed the “correct” computer program that he calls “Strong AI” (artificial intelligence). However, he points out that “Strong AI” . . . Read more

Fight for Peace

Fight for Peace We live today in a society where we live each day with a sense of caution. We live in a society where violence is conspicuous on almost every street you turn onto. Despite the fact that we must constantly worry about how our lives will be affected . . . Read more


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