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Antitrust Law – Essay

Software has become an integral part of our society. The economic success of our country depends on the success of the software industry. “Open source” software, software which users are allowed to modify and redistribute, is a very important part of the software industry Copyright and patent laws are inappropriate . . . Read more

Trends and Patterns in Birth Rates

Explain trends and patterns in birth rates, nativity increase and mortality, infant mortality rates, fertility rates and life expectations in the different regions of the world. World population has grown very rapidly after the first billion was reached in 1825. After that, as shown in text-fig1, it took 100 years . . . Read more

History of the Detective Story

The changing cultural mythology of crime has given rise to many different popular genres. Some of these genres have been essentially adventure stories or melodramas, but one of the most prominent embodies the cultural mythology of detectives, criminals, police, and suspects in a classic form that is almost pure mystery. . . . Read more

Justification for the Stolen Generations in Australia

How was the removal of Aboriginal Children from their families justified by the Australian Government and white society?? At the turn of the twentieth century the systematic forced removal of Aboriginal children from their mothers, families and cultural heritage was commonplace. There were several reasons that the government and white . . . Read more

Speech to Inform: Twitter

Informative Speech Outline General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of how Twitter has changed the way we communicate Central Idea: Twitter has revolutionized the way people all around the world communicate, bringing the entire world into the same conversation within seconds. I. Introduction In the last . . . Read more

Angelology and Satanology

George Smith Theo201_D20_201120 Short Essay # 4 Angelology and Satanology What is religious or ethnic dualism? It asserts that there are two mutually hostile forces or beings in the world, the one being the source of all good, the other the source of all evil. The difference between this and . . . Read more

Ls311 Business Law

| Unit 3 Assignment| LS311- Business Law| | In this paper I will go over three different scenarios and discuss the types of crimes that took place. | Scenario 1 While passing Makoto’s house one night, Sarah see a laptop computer left unattended on Makoto’s porch. Sarah takes the computer, . . . Read more

Do Non-Human Primates Have Culture?

Do Non-Human Primates Have Culture? September 26, 2011 Andrew Baron Do non-human primates have culture? Let’s first start off by asking ourselves; what distinguishes us from other primates? It used to be said that what distinguished us from other anthropoids was our use of tools. With new discoveries in the . . . Read more

Persuasion Speech / Eating Local Ann Arbor

J Anderson COM 101 Persuasive Speech – December 1, 2010 Introduction: Specific Purpose: To persuade our audience to buy and eat organic local meats and produce not only for their health and protection from chemically and genetically enhanced foods but also to sustain and help our local community and economy. . . . Read more


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