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McDonald’s “Seniors” RestaurantAham can improve the image of her McDonald by complimentary the Bingo idea. Aham’s strength right now is her customers, and she definitely cannot lose them. Aham’s weakness is that she has many seniors occupying the dining area, and because of that she fears she might lose younger . . . Read more

Language Analysis

The ongoing controversial issue surrounding a current affair shows has sparked recent debate. Craig Mathiesons opinion piece, ‘more mobs rage after the break’, written on 20-11-09 in The Age aims to discredit and degrade a current affair shows. Mathieson addresses the disgraceful decline of a current affair shows and is . . . Read more


Technology become more important in society than it was before. It brings us many benefits, but it also has drawbacks to our communication. In the article “Is technology harming our communication skills” written by M.Fraggle and published on April 8 2012 , in Northern Lowa News, the author shows some . . . Read more

The Effect of Advertising on American Youth

Advertising is big business. It is the chance for companies to make consumers aware of their products and convince those consumers to buy their products. It seems reasonable to think that “consumers” means adults and not children. After all, adults are the ones who work, who bring home paychecks, and . . . Read more


The roles of science, the media, and politics greatly influence public opinion and understanding of the world around us. These three spheres of information and action are invariably linked when discussing complex global issues like climate change. However, the presentation and resolution of disagreement within the three spheres is incredibly . . . Read more

government chapter 3 review designed a federal system of government, wherein the national and state governments share power and derive all authority from the people, to remedy many of the problems experienced from the Articles of Confederation.Under the Articles, the United States was governed as a confederation, whereby the national government derived all . . . Read more

Constitutional Perpetration

2/20/14Constitutional Interpretation Final DraftMost people think the Death Penalty should be allowed. But on the other hand people think the Death Penalty shouldn’t be allowed. These people who do believe that the death penalty should be allowed are correct. Government officials and judges always make mistakes. Unfortunately some of these . . . Read more

Research Essay

Rhetorical items as a support of a good argumentationEthos, pathos and logos – not many people know what these words mean, even though they are essential items in an author’s work. Gregor Peter Schmitz knows how to use these rhetorical devices and thus is able to convince his readers with . . . Read more


Do Looks Really Matter Discrimination, its all around us whether its by looks, race, gender and even sexual preference. Even books, T.V. shows and movies show us a bit of discrimination. A classic example is Mary Shelleys book “Frankenstein”, it shows that people judge others based on looks instead of . . . Read more


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