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Life in a Big City

An Article Written Originally for Midlevel TeachersBack Dr. Leon M. Lederman, recipient of the 1988 Nobel Prize in physics and former director of Fermilab, has defined physics and particle physics in the following terms: “Physics is essentially a cultural activity . . . there is a need to know–there is . . . Read more

Mr Nishant

Changing Socio-economic Norms and its Impact on India’s Armed ForcesNitin A. Gokhale*The Indian Army remains rooted in an outdated, British-inherited system that is struggling to cope with the combination of challenges posed by demands of modern warfare and a society that is undergoing a great churn. The greatest challenge has . . . Read more

Argument for Scientific literacy

Scientific Method: Politics Wreck Your Ability to do Math Psychology researchers from prominent universities have been studying the effects of political ideology on the ability to do math. In the political article, by Dan M. Kahan, “Science Confirms: Politics Wrecks Your Ability to Do Math”, Kahan shows left-leaning and the . . . Read more

Feminism Controversy

Feminism in MediaDuring the early times, women were underprivileged in their social, economic and political status. They were looked upon as an accessory for men and were always confined to the domestic domain. This situation gave birth to the idea of feminism. What is feminism? It is the belief in . . . Read more

How to write a descriptive essay

Introduction How to define a descriptive essay? It is a type of essay, even a method that helps to describe things. Everything is easy with the definition. But we gathered here to know how to start a descriptive essay. Well, that is a question. Today we are going to recommend . . . Read more

How to write a community service essay

What Is a Community Service Essay? Why Do You Need One? Community service essay describes what the volunteer did and the impact it had on you and your community. Community service experience essay isn’t a hard thing to write, and the main thing is that the text has to answer specific . . . Read more

Case Develpment

Completed Cases (December 2011)1. Negotiating Better Teamwork (workshop)2. ABN AMRO in the Volvo Ocean Race3. Strategic Challenges Facing Captive Centres4. Match and Mismatch: The Wahaha-Danone Dispute5. Dow’s Acquisition Program6. The Business Network of the Alibaba Group7. The Delicate Quest for Corporate Environmental Sustainability8. 3.09. Mitka: Sustainable Commuter Transport10.MeOnTV11.Koppert Cress: . . . Read more


This article is about the television series. For other uses, see Doctor Who (disambiguation).Doctor WhoGenre Science fiction dramaCreated by Sydney NewmanC. E. WebberDonald WilsonWritten by VariousDirected by VariousStarring Various Doctors(as of 2014, Peter Capaldi)Various companions(as of 2014, Jenna Coleman)Theme music composer Ron GrainerDelia DerbyshireOpening theme Doctor Who theme musicComposer(s) Various . . . Read more

Should We Legalize

Marijuana: Should we legalize Should marijuana be legalized throughout the United States? This is a question on many people’s minds. With some states decriminalizing marijuana, some legalizing it for medicinal purposes and Washington and Colorado legalizing it for recreational use, some think legalization is a good idea, others have their . . . Read more


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