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StockThere are two types of stocks a person may choose from one of which is preferred stock and the other common stock. Like common stock, when a person owns preferred stock the person is a partial owner in the company but does not have the ability to vote for certain . . . Read more


IOS 7 jailbreak developedCriteria A:- The stakeholder in this article are the ‘Apple Inc.’. Apple produces the IOS devices, therefor the put restrictions on their devices. This is the reason why they lose money through the actions of Jailbreaking customers. A social and ethical issue here is ‘Intellectual Property’. ‘Intellectual . . . Read more

Human Trafficking

Stacey Pena April 4, 2012DeborahAP Humanities Silenced Human Trafficking What is Human Trafficking? Many people are familiar with human trafficking, but do not hear about it as much as murders or robberies on the news. It is like it never happens. I always question myself about what can be done . . . Read more

demand and supply association

Question 1Both the two articles raise doubts about the function of some governmental taxation like cigarette tax and called ‘nanny taxes’, including tobacco, alcohol, and processed food. At first sight, this kind of tax can kill two birds with one stone, because it is not only beneficial to public health . . . Read more

Office of mental health

On July 10th the Office of Mental Health announced that it was planning on transforming the public mental health system. The plan is set to take place over a period of three years and will begin in July 2014. The reason for the establishment of this plan is to address . . . Read more


Ctheatre research international · vol. 29 | no. 1 | pp4–15International Federation for Theatre Research 2004 · Printed in the United Kingdom DOI:10.1017/S0307883303001214Society of the Counter-Spectacle: Debord andthe Theatre of the Situationistsmartin puchnerThis article examines the work of the Situationists and their leading member, Guy Debord, as itrelates to theatre . . . Read more


Magazine – AwardsIntroduction You can listen to a recording of this article at: This support pack contains the following materials: • the article that you can listen to • a comprehension activity based on the article Read the article Awards by Chris Rose The Nobels are the originals, of . . . Read more

Disruptibe innnovation

J PROD INNOV MANAG 2006;23:19–25r 2006 Product Development & Management AssociationDisruptive Innovation: In Need of Better TheoryAConstantinos MarkidesChristensen’s (1997) original theory focused ondisruptive technologies. Over time, the sametheory has been used to explain all kinds ofdisruptive innovations. This is a mistake. Differentkinds of innovations have different competitive effectsand produce different . . . Read more

Article`S Analysis

In Jacqueline Bobo’s article, The Color Purple: Black Women as Cultural Readers, it is discussed how black women create meaning out of the mainstream text of the film The Color Purple. In Leslie B Innis and Joe R. Feagin’s article, The Cosby Show: The View from the Black Middle Class, . . . Read more

The Curriculum Ideology of South African Secondary School Biology

Bibliography1. Mnguni L. (2013). The curriculum ideology of South African secondary school Biology. South African Journal of Education; 2013; 33(2). Retrieved from: Nenty, H.J. (2009). Writing a quantitative research thesis. Int J Edu Sci, 1(1): 19-32. Re-trieved from www.krepublishers.com3. Schmidth, N.A., & Brown, J.M. (2009). Evidence- based practice for . . . Read more


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