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No More Curtains

In the recent article, ”No More Curtains” by Jesse Emspak Big windows provide light, and a view, but they don’t always do much for energy efficiency or privacy. The glass transmits heat to the outside in winter and traps it inside during the summer. The only real solution: curtains or . . . Read more

Research Paper

A Psychological Approach to Seasonal Affective DisorderDaisy SotoElmhurst CollegeAbstractThe sole purpose of this research is to explain what Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is, along with the various causes and effects of the mental instability. After finding the effects, the paper will present some of the symptoms people experience when they . . . Read more

Surfing in Chile

Travelers from all over the World visit Chile that has many beaches for surfing, especially in the northern region where the weather conditions attract many surfers from all over the world.[1] Except for the winter months (July and August) surfing is possible all year. The water temperature ranges from 15 . . . Read more

Scandal in Juvenile Justice System

Inside The Shocking “Kids for Cash” Juvenile Justice ScandalAmy Goodman, a reporter for Democracy Now!, reported a shocking story about two corrupt judges in Pennsylvania who sent thousands of children away to a juvenile detention facility and received 2.6 million in kickbacks from the owners of those facilities. These judges . . . Read more

To Clone or Not to Clone Essay

To Clone Or Not To Clone Cloning is an issue that has been evolving during time. At the begining, cloning was been researched and was described as something that was hard to reach. Even science fiction movies, such as Multiplicity, were produced about cloning. As the time went through, cloning . . . Read more

Foster Care Negative

The Truth About Foster Care Foster care is perceived as a way to separate children from possible harm or neglect. It is a government program for The Child Protective Services to provide a temporary, or permanent, home for minors. In the program people are hired to care for children they . . . Read more

2009 Ap Us History Dbq

Nina Gibbs11.15.2013AP US HistoryDBQDocument A Many slaves escaped to the South as the Union troops arrived. African men, women, and children slaves’ actions urged the government to deal with slavery. This letter displays the pressure the Union was under in deciding what to do with escaped slaves.In the early civil . . . Read more


StockThere are two types of stocks a person may choose from one of which is preferred stock and the other common stock. Like common stock, when a person owns preferred stock the person is a partial owner in the company but does not have the ability to vote for certain . . . Read more


IOS 7 jailbreak developedCriteria A:- The stakeholder in this article are the ‘Apple Inc.’. Apple produces the IOS devices, therefor the put restrictions on their devices. This is the reason why they lose money through the actions of Jailbreaking customers. A social and ethical issue here is ‘Intellectual Property’. ‘Intellectual . . . Read more