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Case Study 1

1. Build the management-research question hierarchy.
Management personnel of an organization are sometimes faced with difficult organizational dilemmas that need to be resolved. The use of the management research question hierarchy is one of the methods used for such purpose. It is a process that “is designed to move the researcher through various levels of questions, each with a specific function within the overall business research process” (Cooper, Schindler, 2011). In the case of Penton Media, the publisher is trying to figure out the cause of declining usage of publication reader service cards. The following 6-step questions of the management-research question hierarchy are used to resolve Penton Media’s dilemma:
Management-Research Question Hierarchy
• Step 1: Management Dilemma
o Why is there a decline in the use of publication reader service cards• Step 2: Management Questions
o How can we improve the number of responses from our service cards? Should we stop using the service cards• Step 3: Research Questions
o What factors are contributing to the declining use of our publication reader service cards• Step 4: Investigative Questions
o Is technology influencing how buyers buy products? How many leads do the service cards produce? What methods of inquiries do the buyers use most and use least? Are the buyers using different methods of inquiry• Step 5: Measurement Questions
o What is your role within the companyo Please rank your preferred methods of inquiry in order.
o Email
o Telephone
o Fax
o Website
o Other __________
o Does response time requirement affect which method of inquiry you use? Please elaborate.
• Step 6: Management Decision
o Based on the research findings, service cards should change to reflect the current technology and buyers’ needs. 2. What ethical issues are relevant to this study
The management –research question hierarchy is a useful tool for organization to resolve many of its dilemmas….


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