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Canada’s identity

In the past 100 years many events occurred to help define Canada’s identity today. (Finish into paragraph)

Many battles occurred that many Canadians fought in and in the end received the recognition they deserved. The battle of Vimy Ridge was a success, and it was able to become a major victory of Canada in world war two. It was the first battle strategy to be planned and implemented by Canadian commanders and soldiers on their own. Many Canadians today see this battle as the birth of their nation and significantly in helping to assert Canada’s place in the world as an individual nation. Battle of the Somme was the most bloody battle overall. Canadians fought for three months at the Somme and caused half a million allied casualties. However, the battle did serve to secure the Canadian soldiers reputations as an affective assault force. Their heroic actions gave them their name as “Storm troopers”. Canada had a huge role on the major battle of world war two, D-day. Canada was assigned to Juno beach, where fourteen thousand soldiers were sent, 10,000 sailors and 36bomber squadrons of the RCAF. Although there was a high casualties number D-day positively affected Canada because the Canadian soldiers showed courage and gained respect from the world. The battle was, successful and therefore the allies won world war two. These battles gave Canada their independence and proved of what Canada is capable of doing. The main thing that defines Canada is who lives within it and what they can bring to the table to enhance Canada’s positive attributes.
The famous five group consisting of Henrietta Edwards, Louise McKinney, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, and the leader Emily Murphy. These women were in a group that successfully argued that women should be considered as a “persons” in Canada’s constitution. Their success made men and women be considered equal in Canada for the first time. This was the first step to the rights women have today. Terry Fox is a very…

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