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Business Strategy and Organizational Performance – Nike Corporation

Business Strategy and Organizational Performance – Nike Corporation
Team A
HRM/531Business Strategy and Organizational Performance – Nike Corporation
Nike has proven to be a titan in the sports industry, however has their approaches and methods towards human capital paid off? Has their approach to create a culture of performance and goal-setting approaches made them successful in the human capital arena, just as displayed with organizational sales? The opinion of the team agrees that the answer is simply yes. Nike has been chosen numerous times as the top 100 best companies to work for. In fact, Nike has a “9% voluntary turnover rate” (“CNN Money”, 2008). This shows that their approach toward creating cultures, such as good work environment and support from management is a successful one. The paper will discuss the methods used by Nike, Inc. to sustain a high performance rate and low turn-over rate amongst employees. The research and information provided shows the culture that is created for the employees as well as motivation factors and performances strategies in place to ensure that employees perform at his or her highest potential through understanding of personal value to the success of the company.
Work Culture, Environment, and Motivation
According to Nike, Inc. (2012), “At Nike, we want an open and creative culture that harnesses diversity and inclusion to inspire ideas and ignite innovation” (People and Culture). To achieve this culture, Nike has fostered three foundational priorities. They focus on fundamentals, empower inclusive cultures, and inspire ideas to ignite innovation (Nike, Inc., 2012). These foundation priorities have set a culture within the Nike organization that favors the younger employees yet increases the organization’s ability to continue to lead the industry in innovation. Nike’s environment is one that favors the employees. The environment is designed to keep the employees happy. By maintaining this type of…


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