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Business research ethics paper

Although my experience in the restaurant management is vast, it is always good to have metrics in place to let you know what your areas of opportunities to examine profits are. My current employer has a survey program that ask customers how their experience was. This metric system it helps me understand the weaknesses and strengths of my business. The questions focus on the friendliness of the staff the knowledge of the menu, cleanliness of the restaurant the decor and the environment.

What do not agree is the way this metrics measure the surveys. In order for you to keep a high score all customers, completing the surveys must give you a five. Five is the highest standards they can rate the restaurant. (Market Force) If they give you a four o percentage goes down so it is something very important in my business I check it every day to make sure I don’t miss the opportunity to have repeat business. ( Ellipsoidal. Com. (2012, January 1). Mom of the most important aspect for customers seems to be the prompt response the staff has to them as soon as they enter the restaurant and the friendliness of the employees and the time it takes to get their food and the quality of the food. As a General Manager you need to know the culture and demographic to understand the opportunity that your business has to make your restaurant more profitable. Looking at the metrics my employer has it focus on the repeat business and focus on what is important to your customers.

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Some of the practices that I WOUld discard is the way they get the research and that is with every company that relies on this kind of data given by customers is all the perks such as giving a dollar off on their next purchase. So most customers do this not thinking about the rating they are giving the restaurant they are just doing it to get the discount on their order. I would like to get answers that are more realistic and even if I get four instead of five, it ropes your rating. It is aggravating to be working so hard and is usually the people that are always looking for the opportunity to save a buck.

The parties involve are the restaurant operators and their crew who work hard every day to give the best service and best quality products to our customers when we see the results that we get from the surveys and the injury or the effects that it has on your creamers is low morale and efficiency goes down. Although this is metrics used by the food industry it is not necessary if companies and managers were willing to emphasize training in customer arrive and educate your team on what is important in order for your business to be successful.

If we do not deliver, the restaurant will lose sales and lose its potential. Unethical behavior such a manager manipulating the system just to look good in comparison with other restaurants this will cause the other restaurants following the guideline s of the research to fail. Not being able to meet the standards set by the Company many people may lose their job. It is the same across the company we need to set realistic measures and when systems are tested, we need to be as honest as possible. Every company is striving to be the number one choice for the customer.

Companies spend thousands of dollars in research to learn more about the people they are serving and how can they please the needs of each one of them. Another problem I see is people that take advantage of the systems companies have in place such as replacing food or refunding money. Dishonest people already learn the trick and companies lose thousands of dollars every year just in bogus claims alone. It is very difficult for operators to confront the people. They threaten to call corporate if you do not give hem what they want they claim enormous amount of money and to go to the extreme as to ask for the food and the money back.


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