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Business Plan Block 3

Business Plan Block 3Business Plan Block 3
Florida National University
11/30/2013Business Plan Block 3
1.0 Executive Summary
2.1 Objectives: First, have 125 Home Health Care patients served by the end of first year. Second, have 12 Personal Injury Case Management Clients served by the end of the year. Third, have respectable gross sales by the end of the first year. Our last objective is an 80% or more of customer satisfaction surveys returned indicating satisfaction with services. In the chart 1 I illustrated how increase the sales, gross margin, and net profit through the three years.
3.0 Company Summary
3.1 Company Ownership: Cape Coral Health Services is a limited liability company owned and operated by Leidys Barrueta Health Service Administration B.S, and Jorge Carrasco, M.S. / M.Ed.
3.2 Start-up Summary: Cape Coral Health Services is in its start-up stage, and consequently there are start- up cost and funding issues to address. The Start- up chart 2 indicates the costs of business development, rental expense, office equipment, office supplies, and nursing supplies.
5.0 Strategy and Implementation
5.4.1 Sales Forecast: Annual sales reflect a conservative average of 125 new Home Health Care patients for the first year with a modest increase per year thereafter. We believe with a greater investment in marketing, employee relations, and customer service the Home Health Care can grow. For Personal Injury Case Management sales are relatively low. However, we projected an annual growth for the second year. The chart 3 reflects how the sales increase in the home health care and personal injury case management.
7.0 Financial Plan
7.1 Important assumptions: The important assumptions are the Cape Coral Home Health Care assumes a strong economy, without major recession. We assume, of course, that there are no significant unforeseen changes in the federal policy that dictates Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement of Home Health Care…


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