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Business Information Systems Week 5 Reflection

Weekly Reflection
This week the team will discuss how the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) applies to the three bookstores. The SDLC assists the bookstores because it predicts a series of phases through which a new information system progresses from the point of conception to the final implementation stage. This system helps to create and operate each phase of the information system from the planning phase to the point at which the system is installed in a production environment. The three bookstores are Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the local bookstore Changing Hands. In addition, the team will discuss how the bookstores can plan methods to manage systems development in their specific businesses.Barnes & Noble
Kroenke (2012) stated, “Because systems development addresses all five components, it requires more than just programming or technical expertise. Establishing the system’s goals, setting up the project, and determining requirements require business knowledge and management skill” (pg. 234). Systems development is an instrumental process and it requires planning. Barnes & Noble can plan methods to manage systems development in their business by ensuring they have knowledgeable employees, making sure their development team has an understanding of what goals are trying to be achieved as well as to ensure the software and programs are constantly being tested. Additionally, Barnes & Noble can continue to have a competitive edge by using their bookstores to market their online products and services provided to consumers.
The systems development life cycle (SDLC) applies to Barnes & Noble in order to maintain software, keep software and programming up-to-date, and ensuring the software and programs are compatible with other programs such as Windows 10. The SDLC is important to Barnes & Noble by ensuring their online products, books, and other services are meeting the consumer’s needs.
Amazon’s systems development is…


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