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Business 210 Wek7 Checkpoint

Your manager has asked you to draft a proposal for improving the management of human resources in your company. Describe the best ideas for improvement presented in the brainstorm session from the human resource improvement Discussion Question.
Two areas of our Human Resources Department within our Company would use some review and improvement, with these new ideas, we can move forward, increase productivity, and in the end profits.
First, pay and Benefits shall be improved, as the company has grown.
With these ideas we can improve employees’ moods and create an incentive to work more productively. With better quality performance and production the company can make more profits.
? After a year of employment, a review will be done and a raise shall be given based off of performance. It could range between fifty cents to a dollar in pay raise.
? After a year of employment, Medical benefits will be awarded
? A company bonuses will be given out in December
? Personal time off and sick time will be allotted and earned.Training and DevelopmentWith proper training, from the start, employee will have the knowledge to perform given tasks and at the best of their abilities, furthering customer satisfaction and quality of work; leaving less room for error and money loss. ? Each individual will be reviewed and assigned to appropriate jobs/tasks for them ? Hand on hand, on the job training will be provided by the supervisor of the division of the company. Also, video training and employee handbook will be provided as well. ? A thorough list and guidelines will be given and explained to ensure the employee knows clearly what and how to do given tasks ? When performance issues arise, the employee will be written up, and then retaught on what they need to learn to perform at best qaulity. ? After 3 write ups, termination will be considered.


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