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Bus508 Assignment 1

Entrepreneurial Leadership

We live in a world where there are practically fast food restaurants on every corner. Americans can get a hamburger in less than five minutes and be on their way with little fuss. Of course there are higher scale restaurants that sell hamburgers and offer a more traditional sit-down dining experience rather than the hustle and bustle of fast food. But there is one hamburger joint that, in my opinion, is the best of the best. They don’t offer you a nice dining experience with extravagant seating and they are not as fast paced as your typical fast food place but what they do offer is a top quality burger made with the best ingredients. A hamburger made your way and to your liking. Five Guy’s has taken America by storm and you can now find there hamburgers in just about every state in America. What makes them so special? What makes them stand apart from the other burger joints we pass every mile The philosophy of Five Guys is a rather simple one. Do one thing and do it right (Joiner, 2012). That is exactly what they do. They utilize fresh ingredients and hand make the burger patties. The contacted a renowned bakery to make their buns (Joiner, 2012). Five Guys has not deviated from that recipe since 1986. The other well-known and well-established burger joints are constantly adding new items to their menu to cater to growing trends. Five Guys sells burgers and fries and that is it. They do offer hotdogs but other than that, it is strictly and purely a hamburger and fries restaurant. If you want a chicken sandwich, you better keep on moving and go elsewhere. Also, Five Guys is in no hurry to make your hamburger. So if you are in a hurry, Five Guys is not your place. They believe in their product and it has paid off for them.
From the beginning, all they wanted to do was produce a quality hamburger. They sought out the freshest ingredients, paying top dollar for potatoes out of…

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