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Bullying Research Paper Abbott

Bullying is no longer considered just a school age problem. It can continue or start for people at high school age, college age or even as an adult. More recently the awareness of bullying has brought the belief is that bullying affects the victim, the bystanders as well as bully in negative ways. If we don’t make an effort to end this epidemic it Will continue to get worse. In recent years bullying has become noted as not only a social issue but a health issue because of the effects. Bullying used to be just considered a problem for children in school, but that is not the case.

Bullying s a problem throughout the world, affecting children in school, young adults in college and adults in the workplace. For young children, bullying can consist of being excluded in sport or games, being “picked on” for being different or violence to different extents. The victims could be a target because of many reasons such as wearing glasses, being too thin, being overweight, being shy, and the list can go on. They become a target because the bully sees them as vulnerable (an easy target for a child). Bullying of children was overlooked because it was considered harmless.

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Now it has en show that bullying not only can have a physical affect but a long lasting emotional affect. Victims of bullying can be physically injured but there are more affects than physical. Children who are bullied may end up suffering from anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping and eating disorders. Many times they will lose interest in school and activities and grades will go down. Rarely, but still possible, some become violent and take extreme measures. Although many steps have been taken to help solve this issue more needs to be done about it. Children who are the actual bully may behave this way for arioso reasons.

Some are victims of abuse at home, some have low self- esteem and some bully out Of peer pressure because the victim may be considered different. Those who are victims of abuse at home may lash out and find a victim of their own to act out their own pain, or take their own form of control. It can be a way for them to reach out for help so as people become more aware of the problem, it may help the victim as well as the bully who is a victim themselves. Sometimes children who have low self- esteem or a form or a disability they want to hide keep themselves from coming victims of bullying by becoming the bully or a follower of the bully.

The peer pressure bullies sometime behave this way because they want to fit it. They think that if they make someone else look bad, they will look better. Sadly this has been a part of the growing up process that many children endure. It has been shown that the child bully is also affected by their own behavior. Their behaviors can affect their grades and solicitation, and they may become victims of retaliation. A bully is known to use the power they have gained over a victim to gain followers. Sometimes this will work against them, and they will become less liked or popular.

This can lead the bully to become more aggressive, depressed or turn to other negative behaviors. As some become older they turn to more self-destructive behavior such as drug and alcohol abuse, skipping school, criminal activities and some, as adults, become abusive in adult relations pips or as parents. There is another group of people who is affected by bullying: the on-lookers or bystanders, who are sometimes the defenders of the bully. Some children encourage or support he bully, but many just watch and say nothing. These people may be affected by guilt or fear.

Some that are in fear will join the bully or become the bully themselves. This could lead to more aggressive and destructive behavior. The bystanders are also affected. Although they do not participate in the act of bullying, they may feel guilt for not stopping it. These children or young adults may end up having negative feelings such as depression or anxiety as well. As society becomes more aware of the effects of bullying bystanders are encouraged to speak up. There are anti-bullying campaigns hat encourage people to stand up and end bullying such as “Not on my watch”.

Bullying can continue or just begin for some people as teenagers and young adults. It may still consist of similar actions from the bully such as the name calling, exclusion and violence, but as they become older the reasons may change for both being the victim and being the bully. As teenagers and young adults, people are influenced more by peer pressure and what may or may not be accepted by society. At this age, the victims tend to not fit in to the social beliefs, or they may threaten the person who in turn becomes the Lully against them.

One reason which has become more apparent in recent years is sexual orientation. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sexual orientation persons have become a major targets of bullies. Despite many attempts at stopping this violence, bias crimes against these individuals still occur. Many people become victims because others, namely the bully and other peers, do not understand homosexuality or bisexuality. This is an issue that has escalated to the point of some serious affects. Some victims become so withdrawn and depressed that they become suicidal.

On rare occasions, mom victims could become violent and lash out at the bullies or even at other innocent victims to make themselves feel better. Awareness is very important for the future to end bullying. This issue continues to grow everyday with the constant release of new technology. Since bullying does not just occur in schools anymore, it now occurs every,veer, it is important for everyone to be aware. Recently there has been a rise in awareness to this growing problem. Many steps are being taken to prevent this issue from spreading. Many laws have been created to ensure the safety of the victim.

Many laws help create a safe learning environment. Unlike previous years now it is not allowed for the bully to walk the halls of a school tormenting the people around them. Although that these measures are being taken to help stop bullying. The pain that previous generations have suffered still exists. The problem of bullying will continue to exist. It still affects people emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Many steps are being taken to try and alleviate the growing problem. This issue will never completely subside, but people can help slow it down and stop the spreading of it.


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