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Brita Case

The Brita Products Company
The goal for the Brita products company is to obtain faucet mounted products retail market share by at least 10 percent in 2 years while in addition to maintaining the market share of pitcher products. The biggest obstacle for this goal is that PUR currently owns 74% of total faucet mounts sales in market. The solution for this can be divided into two different aspects. The first is to launch innovated faucet-mounted products so they are able to earn the market and also to redirect the market towards younger people for Brita pitchers.
In order to be successful in establishing themselves in the mounted filter products market share, Brita needs to increase it market by about 5% in the first year and then 10% in the second year by launching the faucet-mounts as a niche product to target young adults maintaining water purification market share from pitchers. Increasing market share is the primary goal over building brand equity or increasing profitability. When considering the market share, water purification markets are a growing concern to U.S households. In the 1999 survey mentioned in the case study, they found that 72% of all respondents are seriously concerned about the quality of their households’ tap water and the number of people not caring about water quality is decreased from 47% in 1995 to 35% in 1999. Consequently, the Brita Company has a very high possibility of increasing market share for the Brita – which has 83% from pitcher sales and 75% of filter sales in 1998 and about 70% of the market share in industry. Because the PUR already launched a faucet mounted product and owns 74% of total faucet mounts sales in market, the Brita has to be very innovative with the faucet mounts they create .Without the right innovation, the Brita Company will most likely lose market share to PUR. As the Brita Company has established brand name and infrastructure to invest in faucet mounts promotion, combined pitcher and faucet-mount…


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