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Bringing Up Children in the Pacific

Abstract This essay examines the proposition that parents in the pacific are faced with challenges while bringing up their children. It discusses matters of financial strains put on parents while trying to give their children the best upbringing. It also looks into security issues parents’ face in trying to safeguard their children from the influences around them. Challenges Parents In The Pacific Face While Bringing Up Their Children Every society attempts to improve its way of living, usually the society one is brought up in and its surroundings influences a person’s knowledge of how to bring up a child.

Parents are most suited to bring up children as they are the most influential role models that a child is likely to have. Raising a child is one of the most satisfying tasks a parent has, however, like any other task, bringing up a child in the Pacific comes with its own set of challenges. It is important to recognize the many challenges that parents in the Pacific face. This essay will discuss the challenges faced by parents in the Pacific, in terms of financial and security issues. The economic recession that the world is facing today, has put more financial constraints on most parents.

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Cost of living has become a major challenge for parents living in the Pacific as not only do they have to put a roof over their family but also provide food and other necessities for a proper child upbringing. Parents are continuously trying to keep up with inflation, interest rates and other factors leading to higher prices of almost everything that contributes to a good standard of living. For example, the higher the price for rent, food items and other necessities, the deeper parents dig into their wallets to ensure that their children receives the best possible upbringing.

Therefore, as long as prices continue to rise, cost of living will always be a challenge for most parents in the Pacific. Furthermore, parents struggle to provide a proper education for their children, and cost of education these days is seen as a challenge for most parents. Cost of education covers more than just school fees, it includes bus fares, lunch money, school uniforms and so on, hence putting more financial constraints on parents. For instance, although the government pitches in to help struggling parents with school fees and bus fares, these parents still have to pay for books, bags, sandals, field trips, and the list goes on.

Therefore, although parents may view cost of education as an investment in their child for the future, for the time being, it is seen as another challenge that they are faced with while bringing up their children in the Pacific. In addition to financial constraints, keeping up with technology is yet another challenge that parents face while bringing up their children in this modern day. Youths nowadays have been inundated with technology since birth, hence their expectations for the latest gadgets are very high.

Although these gadgets come as a prize to children, it is more of a financial burden on parents. For example, most parents remember being brought up using books and pens at school, nowadays children use laptops, mobile phones and other means of technology that are more convenient to them. Thus, this digital revolution contributes to the financial challenges parents face in trying to keep up with technology for the sake of their children. Moving on from financial challenges, security is another challenge parents face.

The safety of a child is one of the most important things to a parent anywhere. The rate of crime in the Pacific makes it hard for parents to allow children to go for ‘movies’, or a ‘sleepover’ as such activities could very well lead to rape or kidnapping. For example, parents can stay up all night waiting for their child to get home from a party, just to ensure that their child reaches home safely, or with the help of technology, parents are continuously ringing children on their mobiles to know their exact location and the company their with, this is all to ensure the safety of their child.

Therefore, if there is one thing that parents find a challenge, it is keeping their children safe especially when they are apart. Secondly, the influences children have in their lives is another challenge parents are faced with. Parents teach their children moral values and manners at home, but in the midst of their peers, they are influenced to do otherwise. Drinking, smoking, drugs, all become “cool” to children when parents are not looking, this is a challenge faced by most parents.

For instance, if a child was to use vulgar language or behave in an inappropriate manner, is it the parents who should be held responsible? Such behaviour is usually the result of the influences children have in their lives. Thus, parents can only do so much to teach their children right from wrong, but in the end it is the child’s choice and the parents are left with the challenge of dealing with their children’s behaviour.

To conclude, it cannot be proven that parents in the Pacific go through more challenges, nevertheless, as parents, they face challenges when it comes to providing the best for their children and safeguarding them from harm. Such challenges, however, if planned well ahead by parents, can be much easier to overcome and less of a burden. Parents must, therefore, plan ahead and be ready before committing themselves to the task of bringing up a child. Bringing up children is the most challenging, responsible task a human being could have, but if done right, it is the most satisfying as well.


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