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Biology Project

Biology Project Bronchitis
Bronchitis is an infection of the larger air passages in the lungs.

When bronchitis is in your system it connects to the trachea, and gives you a persisting cough. This makes you cough up phlegm as well as sputum. This infection is acquired in mostly babies, smokers, and the elderly.

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CAUSES- there are many causes for bronchitis the main one is smoking. Getting a cold or the flu are two more possible ways to get bronchitis. Bronchitis is more common to someone who gets the flu rather than a cold. Viral infections trigger the airways to make it more difficult to breathe. There is two different types of bronchitis: Acute and Chronic, Acute is more of a sudden on set and short duration. This is normally a complication of a viral infection such as a cold or the flu.


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