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Sumit Mittal
Period C34
Mini EE Research Project

1. The reason why I want to do my Extended Essay (EE) in biology is because it’s one of the more interesting subjects for me and I believe I would be prepared to do biology EE because I would actually enjoy doing it. Ever since I was a child science was also one of my most favorite subjects and turns out that biology is on the top of my list. Not only is that true, but biology one of those subjects that has a lot of variability in it. I wanted to do an experiment in which I could do a different experiment, something I have personally never done myself. My dad being a doctor also influenced me to try and strive to become a doctor, and in order to do this, I would have to grow a passion for biology, which as said before, happened.

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2. As a child I’ve been eating Vitamin C because it’s “good” for me. I decided to look up more on why Vitamin C is beneficial towards one’s body and I found that it basically protects your immune system, so I started to wonder what would happen if I put it into plants. Studies have shown that plant exposure to salt stress has resulted in increased antioxidant content in order to counteract the stress response. Because of this, I was wondering if the plant would be more resistant to salt stress when high concentrations of antioxidants were provided to it. Since ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is popular for its antioxidant properties, it was used in this experiment.

3. This experiment can be used in real life situations. Our environment is continuously exposed to abiotic stresses including salinity, temperature fluctuations, oxidative stress, drought, and chemical toxicity. These abiotic factors are disrupting agriculture in different parts of the world and affecting food production, which can eventually lead to famine. By examining the effects of antioxidants on the plant’s ability to counteract abiotic stresses, we can help plants become more resistant to environmental…


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