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Should College Athletes be monitored on Social Media SitesSocial media has always been a popular way of expression for college students, whether it is positive or negative thoughts. However, when referring to those college students their leadership position automatically rises and makes them more responsible for the words they say on social media. McLaughlin stated: “Everyone’s watching you all the time, and things you put and say on social media is all part of your personal brand” (McLaughlin). Therefore, College athletes should be monitored while using social media to avoid any misconception and leeway to possibly violate their team’s and university’s policy.
Once a college student becomes a college athlete, they are watched immediately. For example, twenty- year old college football athlete Johnny Manziel posted a picture on twitter of himself partying at a club and holding cash at a casino. He stated, “It’s tough knowing that everything you do is watched pretty closely because I’m doing the same stuff I’ve always done. It’s just now people actually care what I do.” Although Manziel figured it was okay to post such photos of himself before he became a well-known college athlete, he soon realized that when his onlookers increased by 200,000 that he had to monitor the pictures that he posted. This criticism on college athletes with social media occurs simply because once they begin to play for a college team they get on a spotlight and responsible for representing their university in a positive way.
Looking at our Nation’s first amendment, which explains our right to free speech, clearly states that we do have the right to say whatever we please. Thus, many athletes feel as if their personal rights are violated when they aren’t able to post whatever they feel on social media. However, although college athletes do have the right to say whatever they choose, they must realize that their posts on social media are a representation of themselves, their team,…


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