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Benefits of Computer’s in Business

Budgeting and Forecasting oComputers can be used to prepare detailed budgets and corporate forecasts. Inexpensive accounting programs allow even people with limited computer knowledge to develop detailed budgets that will help keep the company on track. They can also be used to forecast future sales and business expansions. Spreadsheet programs such as Excel can also be used for budgeting and forecasting. Prepare Marketing Documents oThere are a wide variety of programs that allow businesses to easily prepare dynamic marketing documents.

Adobe Photoshop provides many templates that users can manipulate to produce eye-catching custom marketing materials. These programs make it easy for people who do not have a creative background to prepare professional-looking documents quickly and painlessly. Research oThe Internet offers a tremendous amount of information that a business can use to maintain an edge. Businesses can use the Internet to research its competitors’ products and prices by studying their websites. They can also get a glimpse into how customers view their own products by reading customer reviews on sites such as Amazon.

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When launching a new product a company can perform market research using online questionnaires and surveys. Communication oOne of the biggest benefits of the computer in the workplace is the enhanced communication they provide. Coworkers can easily communicate with each other through email. Customer service departments can use email and instant messaging services to communicate effectively with customers. Web conferencing provides a cheap alternative to meetings for companies. Instead of travelling to a meeting attendees can join a meeting from their office.

Businesses can also use email and websites to advertise their products and services. Tip oUpdating computers regularly is vital to a business. Outdated computers can cause serious problems, crash often and reduce worker productivity. As technology evolves, the computing power needed to run-cutting edge computer programs increases. These new programs will often run poorly on out-of-date computers. As a result, in the long run the most cost-effective strategy is to keep your business’ computers current.


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