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Barcelona: An Ideal Town To Visit

DESCRIBING PLACES: BARCELONA BARCELONA: AN IDEAL TOWN TO VISIT (Introduction): Location and reason for choosing it Barcelona is a large town on the north-east coast of Spain. Its unbeatable location means you can fly to Barcelona from most capital cities in less than two hours. If there were only three words to describe Barcelona City they would be Culture, Style and Harmony, and only for that, is an ideal place to visit. (Main Body): With a population of about two million, Barcelona is full of interesting, artistic and fashionable people. The blending of cultures defines to Barcelona as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Barcelona has many tourist attractions which are worth visiting. The most famous attraction is La Sagrada Familia, a fantastic temple designed by Antonio Gaudi under construction since 1882. Other attractions are La Pedrera, a beautiful modernist building of Gaudi too, the magic fountain of Montjuic, a light, music and water spectacle, and Miro, Picasso and FC Barcelona museums. There are many activities to do in Barcelona. Walking through the streets of Barcelona let you feel how the new buildings have evolved and integrated with the historic architecture.

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The Gothic Quarter, Eixample or The Ramblas are good examples. Barcelona City is plenty of places to go shopping. Most of the main shopping areas are in pedestrianized zones with wide open boulevards. The nightlife in Barcelona is exciting. There are a lot of music and dance clubs and bars opened in the small hours. On Saturday nights it is quite normal to see hundreds of people strolling up and down the Ramblas till 03:00. (Conclusion): Barcelona is a city that has something to offer everyone. This makes it a truly fascinating place to visit and it is said that once you travel to Barcelona it is hard to turn back.


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