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In the Fifth Amendment there is no mention of capital punishment, but rather it States that no person shall be deprived Of fife without due process. “This mean that before an execution certain legal procedures-such as formal arrest, and a trial-must be followed” (“Capital Punishment’s In the early asses most of the states had adopted a new type of capital punishment that gave juries the right to convict a person to life in prison, or to the death penalty. Why do some people support capital punishment?

According to Gallops most recent poll in 2006, one out of every two Americans support capital punishment (“Death Penalty Deters Crime”2). The reason why people support capital punishment is if someone can go out ND kill another person then you could get killed as well, because nobody has right to go around killing others. Another reason people support the death penalty is because they believe it can save lives, so then a murderer can’t kill anymore. According to Pew Research Center states that roughly 53% say that capital punishment fits the crime or a murderer deserve sit. A smaller share raises concerns about the costs of keeping murderers in prison for life (1 5%)” (“Continued Majority 2). Another reason why American people do support death penalty believe that people have a medical illness should be put to death. The reason why people feel medical illness should be exempt from capital punishment. Another reason medical illness people should put to death when they commit crime plead not guilty by reason of insanity, therefore, some judges said that you can be put in a rehabilitation center so you can get better.

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Only problem with that is there is no guarantee that the person with the medical illness is rehabilitated. How come some people don’t support capital punishment? According to Pew Research center most recent poll in 201 1, found out that 37% of Americans do not support the death anally (National Polls 2). The reason people do not support capital punishment is because they believe that it is not right to kill the murderer even though they have committed a murder. A reason people do not support the death penalty is because sometimes the wrong person is convicted Of a crime they did not commit.

All because a screw up in DNA in the lab where they test DNA. Another reason why people do not support capital punishment because they believe that sin, it is a kill another person because we not one god. “There are as many degrees of guilt and culpability as there re crimes yet the death penalty imposes one definitive, final indiscriminate punishment on all halting action of the Holy Spirit on condemned person’s soul for eternity’ (“Christian Doctrine”l). Many of our upbringing and surrounding creates our social pathologies. 1). In turn social pathologists believe that killing the murderer is not the solution. Many religious people do not support the death penalty, because the Bible which states in James “4:12 says that GOD is the only one who can take a life in the name of justice”. Majority of American that do not support death penalty believe that people eve a medical illness shouldn’t be put to death. July 201 1, Levi Aaron was convicted of kidnapping murdering of Lobby Kelley 8 year old in the Brooklyn (“Mental Illnesses”2).

Aaron’s attorneys point out that has history of psychiatry disorder (2). A person that can hear voices in their heads. Therefore Aaron will plead not guilty by reason of insanity, because of his medical condition he shouldn’t put to death. He should spend rest life in prison without parole. Why do some are Some government officials support death penalty? The reason why some government officials support capital punishment believe by ailing a murderer they could save someone’s life by killing the murderer.

Another reason why government official support the death penalty special the Attorney General because they can seek for the death capital punishment and get commission out of it. “Average total cost per representation of a sample of cases in which the defendant was charged with an offense punishable by death and the Attorney General did not authorize seeking the death penalty $55,772” (Federal Death Penalty’ In the United States of American federalism system of government, has been divided between the entrap national authority and smaller local units of government.

The Federal law provides the death penalty. In Order to use capital punishment the criminal must have committed at least 40 crimes, also including treason, various forms of aggravated murder, and large-scale drug trafficking (“Capital Punishments). The federal government death penalty case are about 262 then trial case only “70, or about 25 percent, ended in a death sentence, according to the most recent statistics from the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel. In the vast majority of the 262 cases, the juries commended a life sentence instead” (“SENTENCING LAW AND POPSICLE”I).


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