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Appraisal Effectivness

Term PaperSubject
Performance Appraisal Effectiveness
* Abstract
* What is appraisal
* How the managers see it * PIR between HR and management.
* What makes it more effective?
* Introduction
* Why appraisals are important
* Who needs it * Appraisals from the HR point of view
* Appraisals from the COE point of view
* Impact of the appraisals on:
* communications
* decision
* motivation
* Case study
* System in use in ABC company
* SWOT analysis
* Conclusion
* Abstract
Performance appraisals are one of the most frequently criticized talent management practices, with criticisms ranging from their being an enormous waste of time to their having a destructive impact on the relation between managers and their subordinates.
Although the company executives have a very valid point, which we will discuss during, can lead the performance appraisals to its termination, but the HR. departments find it the only way to keep the employees and the company structure under the official control, also it is the only way to rank the employees financially.
So far, a limited number of the companies decided to reduce the weight of the annual approvals rather than ignore it completely. Same time other companies raised the question of how the performance appraisal can be more effective and minimize its negative impacts.
General speaking it were found that:
* There is a conflict between the HR goals and the Executives goals ; jointly setting the goals will add value to the appraisals and will bypass the negatives .
* The discussion of the development of the individuals should be kept apart from the appraisal to avoid the dominate tendency of the appraisals.
* Line managers are, only, can evaluate the subordinates, not the HR, as they have much ownership for the business needs in either…


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