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American Revolution (434 words)

American Revolution
In this Essay I will point out the different causes that led up to the American Revolution. The main three
reasons are Political, Economic and Social Causes. In my opinion of the American Revolution the Political
reason was the most important, because for the most part the colonists did not agree that the Parliament
had the right to make laws for American colonists and to tax them when the colonists had no elected
representatives in the Parliament.

The Economic causes of the Revolution are second most important. In the eyes of Great Britain the
American colonists’ primary job was to build a favorable balance of trade. With a favorable balance of
trade a nation could be self-sufficient, become wealthy and build a powerful army and navy. However the
British laws were to hard on the American colonists. The Sugar Act of 1764, placed taxes on molasses,
sugar and other products imported from places outside the British empire. Most of the colonists openly
broken the law by smuggling, Since no one obeyed the laws the British cut the tax to a sixth of what it was.

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later on the British tried to enforce the Sugar Act by inspecting ships and searching homes for smuggled
goods. Even thought Britain cut the taxes on molasses, the Sugar Act still cut into the business of colonial
merchants and shipowners, and rum distillers. Other events such as the Stamp Act, and the Tea Act were
the beginning signs of the revolution, The Tea !
Act levied a tax on the tea imported from the East India Company. The colonists got mad and destroyed
342 chests of tea.

The Political causes of the Revolution were the proclamation of 1763 which were plans to reduce
conflicts with the colonists and the Indians. It stated that no one was permitted to cross the mountains
without the consent of British officials. American fur traders who wanted to settle the western lands
resented the Proclamation.

The other cause of the Revolution was the Boston Massacre. Which took place on March 5, 1770. A large
crowd gathered in Boston around soldiers of the 29th British Regiment, the crowd yelled insults and threw
snowballs, matters got out of hand and as the mob got closer someone gave an order to fire. Three civilians
were killed and two badly wounded. As the news spread Boston civilians got angered and demanded that
all British troops we withdrawn from the city.

I think that all these events had an equally important roll in the American Revolution, especially the so
called Boston Massacre. It gave the most obvious reason for the American Revolution. The British soldiers
and the policies were harmful to the development of the new nation.


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