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American dream

The American Dream
What is the American dream? It seems as though nobody really knows, or even understands it! Author and publisher, Bill Sardi, wrote an article called “The American Dream Has Changed”, which talks about how citizens could achieve it, but in a special, unorthodox way. On the other hand, author Glenn Llopis, explains in her article,“The American Dream Has Changed”, how most people will never achieve the dream. Some people will agree and disagree with such claims presented.
In Bill Sardi’s article, “The American Dream Has Changed”, he states; “The dream of coming to America – the land of the freedom – to live in your own home, to send your kids to school to get a college education, to have opportunity that doesn’t exist elsewhere, for kids to live better than their parents – that WAS the American dream. IT, is now living in the past tense.” The author’s evidence involves stating that people are purchasing homes in suburbs. “Yes, the interest rate on home loans is lower than ever..” said Bill. On the most part, I could agree with him, home interest rates are lower than ever, which makes it really difficult for current and future homeowners to affordably stay financially stable.
According to Glenn Llopis’ “Why Most People Will Never Achieve The American Dream” he talks about how the so-called “American Dream” will never ever be obtained and is not within anyone’s reach. A quote from the author; “The new American dream is no longer about pursuing opportunity- but learning how to earn the right to both see it and seize it. Today, the real opportunities are hidden.”. This article is my least favorite because the author is very pessimistic in his perspective. I believe he’s trying to prove to everybody that there’s no dream, and hard working citizens should keep working to achieve their non-nationalistic goals.
I believe, under all the corrupt politicians, government, and barracks, there is an American dream. I know if one is not lazy, but…


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