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Abstract This essay is about disciplining children. It will focus on the various disadvantages and advantages of disciplining children. To begin with will it will firstly present the disadvantage of disciplining children which includes firstly it leads to rebellious behavior of children secondly it contributes to emotional fallout in children and finally it will focus on the psychological effects on children. Thereafter it will focus on the advantages of disciplining children. The advantages are it develops self-control and self-discipline.

Likewise, it strengthens relationships. And finally it teaches responsibility to children. This essay will conclude that the advantages of disciplining children outweigh the disadvantages. 96 words The advantages and disadvantages of Disciplining Children Children are prone to wrongdoings and tend to break rules and misbehave at one time or other. To overcome these situations parents should discipline their children in order to instill better behavior and increase a child’s ability to determine right from wrong.

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However, disciplining children have various advantages and disadvantages. Therefore it is very important to identify what are the advantages and disadvantages of disciplining children. Thereby this essay will focus on the various disadvantages and advantages of disciplining children. To begin with, one of the disadvantages of disciplining children is that it leads to rebellious behavior. Children have their own capabilities and forcing them to foster certain rules results in them thinking negatively about themselves, hence makes children more aggressive and intolerable.

As said by Safiana (Sitaitoga. S,2011) in a district meeting in Macuata that harshly disciplining children can only cause rebellion in children and suggests that best way to discipline children is to talk to them. For example, if a child is scolded in the presence of others could cause them to retaliate and as result the children may react negatively towards parents. Thus harsh disciplinary act may cultivate obedience but it does not teach a child how to behave in general. Moreover another disadvantage is emotional fallout of children. Some iscipline methods are harsh for example spanking a child, disciplines which do not teach, only leads to damage of a child’s self-esteem, trust and create fear. “Self –esteem is a result of positive experiences that erects a child’s belief in their abilities, however ineffective discipline leads to emotional disturbance and antisocial behavior” (Waterson. T,2000). For instance, if parents keep on pushing and scolding their children regarding what to do and discipline them in harsh way will hinder success as a consequence a child will no longer be willing to take the risk inherent in socialization.

Therefore emotional stress may have various effects on individuals in the long run. Likewise, another disadvantage of disciplining children is psychological disturbance. “Sometimes due to very harsh disciplines imposed on children, they be become over disciplined as a result will end up in social issues as the child becomes more withdrawn”(Seabury. C,2011). For example, if a child is over disciplined they may get teased in school by other students which results in mental disturbance. “Likewise, non- physical methods also leads to psychological problems and can be problematic if used inappropriately”(Raven.

R,2010). For instance if parents put their children into an area that frightens them, such as a dark room, the children may become mindset about dark places and as a result they will be mentally disturbed and fear dark places in future, it can also cause trouble in interacting with others. Thus, the various methods of punishment has its own adverse effects on children. However, there is another side to this essay. While there are disadvantages of disciplining children, it also compromises of various advantages in regards to disciplining children.

This side of the essay will discuss on the advantages of disciplining children which are it develops self-control and self-discipline, strengthens relationship and instills responsibility. Firstly, it develops self-control and self-discipline. Disciplinary acts maintains the boundaries set by parents, children who have had effective discipline are more self- disciplined, confident and independent. For example, a well-disciplined child who is within their boundaries value themselves more than children who have lacked the right type of discipline.

Thus discipline in early childhood leads to better self-worth in the future. Furthermore, another advantage is that proper discipline strengthens relationship. If parents use effective discipline throughout the child’s life, then they are more likely to have a good relationship because both the parent and the child know their boundaries. “Disciplining children will guide and qualify a child’s personal conduct and interaction with others”(Sasson. R,2003). For example, if a child has appropriate moral values he or she will eventually have respect for their elders.

As a result they will not talk back to their elders because they will have the sense that it is not right. Thus children should be thought to do the right things so that they will benefit in the long run and behave appropriately. Finally, another advantage of disciplining children is that it makes children more responsible. Responsibility and discipline go hand in hand. When parents use effective discipline with their children, they are building the foundation for their children’s future in terms of making them more responsible. For example, a child will be aware that if they are going to do something wrong like not putting their toys away, they will not be able to play with them again so in process they learn to be responsible n take care of themselves and their belongings”(Deborah,2010). Thereby, disciplining children in their early age is very important so that they grow into responsible citizens. To conclude these are the various disadvantages and advantages of disciplining children. However the advantages outweighs the disadvantages .

Disciplining children is indeed a challenge for parents, nevertheless, it is equally important for parents to discipline their children at an early age so that they grow up into a better responsible adults. Thus, discipline is one of those things that are important throughout life in order to be successful and functioning citizen within the society. Bibliography Deborah,O. 2010,” Pros and Cons of Child Discipline “Con: Emotional Fallout,7 September2011,http://www. livestrong. com/article/73494-pros-cons-child-discipline/#ixzz1XJDXnFo2 Silaitoga,S. 011,”Protect, don’t hurt”,The Fiji Times,26 August, p. 5. Seabury,C. 2011,” Pros and Cons of Child Discipline”The Child Could Have Social Problems,7 September 2011, http://www. ehow. com/about_5393904_pros-cons-child-discipline. html#ixzz1XKXO78re Sasson, R. 2003. Retrieved september 8, 2011, from Google. com: http://www. squidoo. com/childdiscipline Raven,R. 2010,” The Purpose of Reward & Punishment”Effective discipline,7 September 2011, http://www. livestrong. com/article/505649-the-purpose-of-reward-punishment/#ixzz1XJCrkyy2


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