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A Woman’s Role in Society

What is a Woman’s Role in Society? Dramatic Lit Hannah Katharyn A woman’s role in society varies from person to person. There is a common agreed view of what a woman’s role is, although there are a few people who disagree. The most common view of a woman’s role in society is very different today than it was years and years ago. Years ago a woman was to stay at home, raise the children, cook and clean, etc. Today a woman’s role is almost the same as a man’s. I say almost because men still (with a few exceptions) seem to view woman as inferior. In today’s society, women are allowed to work and make a living for their family.

Bringing home the cash and supporting the family is not only a man’s job anymore. There are, in fact, men who stay home and do what was, at one time long ago, considered the woman’s job. Both men and woman can choose to work; to support themselves and/or their family. Any person’s role in any society is to first take care of their own self. Anybody and everybody’s own personal being comes before others. Don’t take this in a selfish meaning. Putting yourself first in your life is not being selfish; choosing yourself to be first in all other things is selfish.

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A human being is a human being and that means that they need to take care of themselves. In the end of your life, when you are old and your significant other as passed away, look back on your life and think of who was there for you through your entire life. Nobody but you. You are the only person who is going to be there for you through thick and thin. So, any person man or woman needs to think of themselves and every person needs to love themselves before anybody else can. A man is someone who seems to have the natural ability to love who they are and it is their job to take advantage of a woman and make her change to fit his needs.

No. Women are strong and confident and have every right to be who they want, do whatever job they want, and be treated fairly. As the years progress a woman’s role in society is becoming more and fairer but there are still people and times that show how men view woman as inferior to this day. A woman’s role in society is to first learn all they can about themselves and then go to live their life to the fullest and do or be whatever they desire. Women have the power and the right to do what they want, within reason, and to be successful just like men have throughout the ages.


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