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A Tragic Flaw In Society English Literature Essay

In both plants, it is seen that society vindicates even murder when the elevated impression of honor that it thrives on is betrayed. When newss of the Brides elopement reach the nuptials, Mothers immediate reaction is ‘A Equus caballus! Quick! Whos got a Equus caballus, Ill give him everything I have, my eyes, my lingua Lorca has clearly depicted the sense of urgency in the Mothers voice. The usage of exclaiming Markss limpidly convey the high gait and strength of the duologue. Further, her preparedness to give address and sight is a exaggeration that leaves no uncertainty in the readers mind that Mother would travel to any extent to reconstruct the Bride, and salvage the familys honor. Lorca portrays the Mothers character as nil more than a societal function, by non delegating her a existent name. Lorca has therefore stereotyped female parents in the society, and attempted to convey the extent to which a household member goes to continue honor. Mother goes on to state ‘Get traveling, acquire out on the roads, every way, hunt everyplace. ‘ The multiple utilizations of commas in the same sentence express the important voice of the duologue. The receiving systems of Mother ‘s bid on phase are the nuptials invitees, therefore turn outing that the society is so helping the flagitious cause. In Chronicle of a decease foretold, when the twins are squealing their offense to the priest, they say ‘We ‘re innocent’before God and before work forces. It was a affair of honor. ‘ Marquez is supplying the reader with ample grounds through these lines, that despite being cognizant of the atrocity of the offense the twins committed, society ‘s impression of maintaining up one ‘s household name is so profoundly instilled that they are prepared to accept terrible penalty. Marquez besides states through the voice of the author ‘Vicario brothers had done much more than could be imagined to hold person to halt them from killing him ( Santiago ) ‘ Yet, barely anyone from society makes an effort to deter the twins or watchful Santiago, due to the fact that society does n’t interfere in affairs of household honor. Honour is a portion of society ‘s construction, and both writers prove that this impression of honor played a major function in taking to the slayings.

The association of matrimony may merely take topographic point under a few stiffly predisposed societal conditions. When these societal norms are non respected, society turns a blind oculus towards the slaying of the Rebels. Both plants mentioned consist of a matrimony of convenience that straight or indirectly sparks the fire of slaying. When Mother in Law hears about the nuptials, she says ‘It ‘s a matrimony of two lucks ‘ . This duologue clearly depicts the perceptual experience of matrimony from the point of position of the aged in the society, the Godheads and hatchet mans of society ‘s norms.. An economic stand-point is taken instead than one of love and familial ties that would be expected. When Leonardo is discoursing with the Bride merely before the matrimony, he says ‘They can kill me, but they ca n’t ptyalize on me with all their Ag ‘ . Through this duologue, Leonardo is showing his rage over the Groom ‘s economic high quality. The ‘silver ‘ is connotative and symbolic of money. Thus Lorca is indirectly seeking to state the reader, that this was the cause that Leonardo could n’t be accepted as the appropriate groom. It was this fury in Leonardo that finally leads him to run off with the Bride, and so make his barbarous terminal. In Chronicle of a decease foretold, most of Angela ‘s household ‘imposed on her the duty ‘ to get married Bayardo, and their justification is ‘that a household dignified by modest agencies has no right to contemn that award of fate ‘ . Even though Angela confesses her deficiency of love, her female parent answers ‘Even love can be learned ‘ . This full conversation leaves no uncertainty in the reader ‘s head that this matrimony of convenience was for a strictly economic intent. The household calls themselves of ‘modest agencies ‘ , while Bayardo ‘s household is regarded as ‘prize of fate ‘ . Marquez has allotted pecuniary descriptions to both parties, and therefore makes it seem about as if the Vicario ‘s are selling their girl. It is this forced matrimony that concludes in mayhem and decease. In this mode, the writers set up that the event of matrimony, and the society ‘s stiff demands for its completion were one of the root causes of the tragic slayings.

Biased societies seem to be apathetic towards their marginalized members and conspire with the more powerful for their complete obliteration. The writers of both plants depict the victims of the offense as outcast. Lorca sets Leonardo apart by doing him the lone character with a proper name, while all other characters are generically named for illustration Father or Groom. When Leonardo is run offing with the Bride, he says ‘People do n’t count, the toxicants they can pour over us do n’t ‘ affair ‘ It is imperative for society to outcast such a Rebel, to keep its proper operation, and therefore society helps to extinguish him. Likewise, Marquez makes the reader perceive Santiago as a societal castaway. Victoria Guzman addresses him as ‘White adult male ‘ which conveys to the reader that the locals do n’t see Santiago as one of their ain. On another case, Faustino Santos asks the twins jestingly ‘why they had to kill Santiago Nasar since there were so many other rich people who deserved to decease. ‘ This duologue may hold been spoken in a light temper, nevertheless it shows that Santiago is economically superior, and like other rich people, they did dislike him. Despite the twins holding openly announced their barbarian impressions, the society remains apathetic ; some out of incredulity that anyone would ache Santiago, sing his economic strength, and others like Victoria Guzman, out of hatred. Therefore, Lorca and Marquez have both substantiated that the victims of both slayings were perceived by society with a negative prejudice, and this fact finally transpired in the deceases.

Society ‘s overzealous attachment to the patriarchal norms that seek to command and restrict adult females take them to countenance and even promote the ghastly slayings. The society illustrated in Lorca ‘s drama gives about no authorization to the adult females. On one juncture, the Bride herself confesses ‘I wish I were a adult male ‘ , because so she would at least have a say in taking her comrade. Since the Bride made the brave move of go forthing a matrimony to run off with another adult male, she is left to populate a suffering life as a widow at the terminal of the drama, a penalty even worse than decease. Much the same as Lorca, Marquez excessively creates a society that treated adult females unjustly. The justification of Santiago ‘s slaying was Angela ‘s return due to her lost virginity. Marquez nevertheless references frequently in the novel that male characters such as Santiago, his friends, his male parent, had all maintained promiscuous dealingss. Santiago openly taunted Divina Flor by stating ‘The clip has come for you to be tamed. ‘ Marquez besides mentions that Victoria Guzman had ‘been seduced by Ibrahim Nasar in the comprehensiveness of her adolescence ‘ The society is really much aware of this, and many other sexually indiscriminate dealingss, yet these work forces are non condemned. Had society treated adult females every bit, Angela ‘s lost virginity could hold been accepted as a adolescent accident, non uncommon in society, and a life could hold been saved.

Hence, the regulations and norms driving the ‘civilised ‘ society ‘s towards achieving peace and harmoniousness, stop up doing clash. The plants Blood Wedding and Chronicle of a decease foretold are a cogent evidence of this. The Godheads of both plants have depicted the society itself as being the most important culprit of its ain Torahs. As a consequence, the system becomes more of import than the person so much that the beliefs and political orientations are upheld at the cost of single lives