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A Research Paper About Philippine Amusement and Gaming

Operators Corporation (POOCH) in operating the floating casino in the Manila Bay in 1977. They aim to captivate their customers with a world-class gaming and entertainment experience, improved infrastructure, more competitive facilities, and highly professionalisms manpower. They will showcase to the world the exceptional Filipino way of serving customers, will be a pillar for national progress by instilling integrity as the backbone of their regulatory duties, investing in the education of Filipinos, and promoting Philippine tourism, culture and arts.

PASTOR currently operates 13 casinos in key cities of Metro Manila and the country’s major island groups. The Corporation has a large number of employees, over 1 1 ,OHO are employed. These gaming and entertainment outlets are easily accessible by land and by air travel. Most of the PASTOR casino sites are housed in leading hotel establishments, which are situated in some of the country’s top tourist destinations. PASTOR casinos operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our friendly and courteous employees are always ready and happy to serve and assist you.

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People of legal age (21 years and above), regardless of sex and nationality, are allowed entry inside our establishments provided they have no ban or entry suspension Order issued by PASTOR. PASTOR has a standing policy that intemperate gamblers can be banned from entry and playing in its casinos if their immediate family so desires. To do this, the family member should write PASTOR requesting for the ban. Pastor’s Security Department strictly enforces this policy. What are the special offerings, amenities and facilities of the PASTOR casinos?

First is the World-class and Non-Stop Entertainment. Entertainment centers found within the PASTOR branches offer other forms of amusement and recreation like live band music every night, cultural shows, concerts featuring international artists and some of the country’s top performers, karaoke singing, ballroom dancing and so much more. Second is the Fine Dining Restaurants. You may enjoy fine dining from Pastors many restaurants offering a wide array of cuisines (continental, Asian and Filipino dishes).

Third is their Concierge Services, they understand your need for comfort and efficiency requirements. Your satisfaction is on top of their list. For your convenience, Concierge personnel can arrange your flight schedules/ requirements, hotel bookings and restaurant reservations, among others. And lastly, Other Special Services of PASTOR. They have ample parking space and parking services in all of the PASTOR casinos. Their competent security personnel closely guard this facility round-the-clock.

Some casinos offer valet services for your convene mince. PASTOR casinos situated near airports offer transport services to valuable clients. The firm operates 13 Casinos and overall VII slot clubs in major cities across the country. It also oversees and regulates more than 180 bingo parlors as well as e-games cafes across the country. The company employs more than 1 1 ,OHO employees. PASTOR is proof that casinos and legalized gaming can be a valuable source Of government funding and an effective engine for national development.

In its endeavor to generate more funds for the government’s pressing concerns, PASTOR has ventured beyond casino management. To meet the challenges of the new millennium, the gaming corporation is constantly looking for ways o improve its gaming products and maximizing the efficiency of its gaming operations. Gaming Employment License or GEL is the one who is responsible for hiring employees in this industry. The gaming industry is highly regulated by the government.

There is a need to screen the persons who work in any gaming establishment for the requisite capacity, competence, and integrity to ensure that they are able to uphold global gaming standards. The Gaming Employment License is a written document issued by PASTOR granting a person the privilege to be employed as a gaming employee within the Philippine jurisdiction. Before this license is granted, an applicant will be screened for the requisite capacity, competence, and integrity for fitness to participate in the gaming industry.

PASTOR readily provides relief operations when natural calamities or disasters occur. About 1 ,500 beneficiaries are benefited per relief operation. The Corporation also promote Philippine Tourism by targeting monthly average local and foreign customer attendance Of 1. 2 million by 2014. The Corporation is setting the standards for the casino customer experience, tapping of new market channels, promotion of the entry as a unique tourism destination and PASTOR facilities as a place for ultimate gaming and entertainment experience and recreation shows of world-class caliber.

Conclusion We therefore conclude that this study will give us information about how PASTOR become a help in our Government especially in other participatory governance. We also aim to know its various teams and the corporation’s accomplishments. This paper will tell us how the operations work, what are the corporate social responsibilities, what are the HRS standard operating yester, their plans for the followings, relevant company information such as annual reports, financial statements, The PASTOR Insider, items for bidding, CARS projects, institutional/corporate/casino events etc. Ill comprehensively discuss is this research paper. We also aim to let the people know that PASTOR isn’t about just giving entertainment to people. But they are also helping others less fortunate in coordination with the Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Department of Education, developed the PASTOR Feeding Program to supplement existing government deeding programs and help address the worsening malnutrition situation in the country. The Corporation is also setting the standards for the casino world-class caliber.

Aside of having a feeding program, in times of calamities, PASTOR is always ready to give assistance through its outreach operations. Victims of disasters such as typhoons and floods are provided relief goods, medicines and other items that are needed. PASTOR has a lot of different programs like feeding program, housing program and etc. Since PASTOR These employees are well-trained employees. Because it is very important that they are being trained before they work in the said establishment.

Employees in this corporation represents us too Filipinos, by being polite and kind to customers, especially foreigners. PACER has over 1 1 ,OHO employees all over the Philippines. The said corporation has its own qualifications like other establishments or corporation. Based on our research, one of the most important requirement of PASTOR Corporation is at least you 2nd year college degree or has completed at least 80 units and excellent customer arrive skills since they are going to deal with a lot Of people.


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