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A New Cross Training Program for Churn Creek Mcdonalds

Executive Summary Most businesses need employees to survive. It would be in a company’s best interest to cross train their employees, because some employees will call off or go on vacation and their jobs will not be performed. By cross training employees a company would save on labor and productivity, this would be because their employees would have a higher morale, and will not be bored with their jobs. As your business is open, you want your employees to get their jobs done as while as help your customers. If you have the philosophy: “if you have time to stand around, you have time clean something”.

I would have to change this to “if you have time to stand around, you have time to learn something new” ? Introduction Churn Creek McDonalds, is experiencing a reduction in production and income. The problem seems to be targeted at the lack of communication between supervisors and employees. Employee productivity is at a low point. They have low morale and do not fully understand what is expected of them. The supervisor and employees must have identical understanding of what is expected. As I will show in this new cross training program, should help with this problem at Churn Creek McDonalds.

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Why use cross training? Cross Training is good for managers, because it provides more flexibility in managing the crew to get the job done. Furthermore, cross training is good for crew members also. It allows them to learn new skills, makes them more valuable, and has been known to combat worker boredom. There are many opportunities for cross training crew or managers at Churn Creek McDonalds. “Cross training programs are a way to more formally organize the process of getting employees prepared to be able to do more than a single job” (Friedam, 2011, paragraph 3).

A company would most likely use a cross training program if it is going to “reduce costs, improve employee morale, reduce turnover, and increase productivity (Friedam, 2011, paragraph 3). Workforce flexibility would also increase with cross training of employees, because when someone goes on vacation or calls off, you would have someone already to take their position. How to cross train? Within Robert Lockards blog, for intuit. com he gives us five tips on how to cross train employees effectively and they are: 1. Incentivize specialists to train others. . Build on employee’s knowledge. 3. Cross train a little at a time. 4. Do practice runs to build confidence. 5. Start cross training new hires early. One of the most important reason to cross train employees would be to cut down on the idle time that crew members have in between customers, and also to get rid of the old saying “That’s not my Job”. Benefits of Employee Cross Training McDonalds prides itself on being able to get their customers orders out to them in less than three minutes after they order their food.

Therefore, what happens when I very skilled employee from the grill area of the restaurant goes on a vacation or call in? Then the customer would have to wait a little longer to get there order, because the person that has been assigned that area does not know what they are doing or is not trained the same as the original employee. If we don’t cross train employees, in fast and accurate service than that pride would suffer severely. Some of the benefits of employee cross training would be: •Seamless coverage •Broader (and deeper) skill sets. Collaborative impetus •Managerial flexibility •Operational consistency (no author. 2011. Gaebler. com) Another benefit of cross training employees is if you cross train an employee who needs a change, you will boost employee morale. If an employee thinks he or she might do something more, something different, then he or she will have more self-worth and the performance of their current job may improve. A Brief History McDonalds is currently over fifty years old in the business of fast food. They have always prided themselves in being a fast food giant.

Therefore, to be a fast food giant they also employ a variety of individuals of different ages and backgrounds. They expect that their employees always give a hundred and ten percent when they are at work, or helping customers. A new Cross Training program As, I have worked for your company for a little over eight years, I have been cross trained. This is due to the fact that I asked to learn new jobs. Not everybody in your McDonalds has been cross trained. I feel the need to get more employees cross trained, will help with the need when we have people that call in or go on vacation.

Our service times would go down instead of going up, customers would be happy to be at Churn Creek McDonalds because they would see that the crew care about their jobs and how they appear to the customers. To reap the benefits and avoid the negative effects, a cross-training program must be carefully developed. It is not a successful strategy for every business. Consider including employees in the planning phase to garner a team effort. Take the following steps to create a successful employee cross-training plan: 1. Identify the tasks performed for various jobs, create a chart. example appendix one) 2. Assign a number to each task performed, (1 for learning or 5 for mastered) 3. Identify who is interested in participating in the program. 4. Identify who has the competencies to perform the tasks designated. 5. Develop a training process-It is important to provide adequate instruction to the trainer on how to train. 6. Reduce workload during training and while tasks are being performed. (during slow periods) 7. Allow time to learn and practice skills. – Don’t assume an employee will pick up the new process and retain it forever. 8.

Outline a schedule to perform the new skill periodically and expect beginner mistakes while learning. 9. Recognize and reward employees that have new skills and/or responsibilities. 10. Incorporate the cross-training process into an overall development plan for an employee. Conclusion With getting the employees involved in their cross training program you will see more of the fact that they want to do the best job they can for you. We stride for immediate intimidation effect which is “only work quickly and concisely to convey information (Flood, 2008, page 81)”. ?

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For entreprenuers-Training Workers- Benefits of employee cross training. Reterived Setpember 10, 2011 from http://www. gaebler. com Senese, Tony. “Are You Cross-Training Your Employees? ” CircuiTree. December 2004. (only read) ? Appendix Appendix one. Cross training Progress Chart Employee nameGrill area meat productsGrill area Fried products prep areaGrill sandwich makerFrench fry stationDrive-thru order takerDrive-thru cashierFront counter cashier order-takerLot and lobby clean- up A555555555 B324155555 C000010005 D500040000 E222220000 F000040055 G450050000


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