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7-Eleven Swot

IntroductionThis case study concerns the strong developed phases of 7-Eleven stores, especially since they acquired 295 retail subsidiary outlets of Mobil Oil Australia in 2010. With more than 650 stores along the eastern seaboard of Australia, until now, 7-Eleven, is owned privately by Australian company, is a leader of convenience retailer. After the acquisition, by the change management process, 7-Eleven got significant advances in quality of services to maintain the steady position to competitive in the convenience retailing market segment. This case study provides a SWOT analysis of the alteration of 7-Eleven by acquisition and change management.Recommended Courses of ActionIt is recommended 7-Eleven take these courses of action:
• Maintain and improve the quality of goods.
• Maintain focus on fresh offerings and selling petrol.
• Strengthen sales by loyal customers and new customers as well.
• Improve brand awareness of customers.
• Reinforce the manage ability of staffs and franchises.
• Deploy the new, creative and effective marketing campaigns.Appraisal of Recommend Courses of ActionIn terms of the increasing sales, 7-Eleven needs to focus not only on loyal customers but also new customers by giving more discount events to push up their shopping requirement.
Besides this, quality of goods is an important condition when choosing convenience stores of customers. Therefore, 7-Eleven must supply and improve the quality of goods with clear sources and also, they can cooperate with food factories to produce monopolize products. As well, 7-Eleven has to maintain in focusing on fresh offerings to attract customers with their using fresh food demand. In addition, 7-Eleven needs maintain their fuel receipts to raise their sales.In the highly competitive retail convenience market segment, 7-Eleven needs to reinforce sale ability of staffs and manage ability of managers and franchisees, they have to serve customers with criterion…


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