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3 Reasons to Be a Teacher

3 most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher. I enjoy being in the classroom for several reasons. First, I find it very rewarding working with children and helping them to gain knowledge and grow as individual. Additionally, I enjoy the challenge of working with children who have difficulties in content areas or challenging students who are strong in certain content areas. Finally, I take pleasure in creating a warm and inviting classroom culture with my students. How much do I want to learn about my students to be most helpful to them?

I like to gather as much information about my students from a variety of sources. I believe information helps me prepare to maximize my students’ growth as individuals and academically. I would like to know about my students’ learning styles and strengths and weaknesses in content areas. My planning for lessons is student focused so knowing the learning styles and strengths/weaknesses helps me create lessons that best fit my classroom. To begin, I like to hear from my students’ parents as the first information. I believe parents’ input/feedback is very important to understanding a children’s learning style.

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Additionally, it is helpful to learn about my students’ previous school experiences, specifically gaining insight into my students’ strengths and weaknesses. Finally, I enjoy speaking with my students individually to learn about how they feel in school, what content areas they enjoy, and areas they may not like. Scott Home: 480-940-04444 Norte: 480-783-3382 I need to know the Arizona State and Kyrene standards that I will be teaching. From there, I look to the resources the school has provided to help plan the lessons.

For instance, if the lesson is teaching addition and subtraction facts, I would look to the Investigations and Scott Foresmann teacher’s manuals. There are several key components to planning a lesson. First, I must reach out to the students to determine their background knowledge for the lesson. After that I will use hands on activities or direct modeling to show the students the concept. I believe it is very important for students to have time to practice the concept taught with the same activity modeled or other hands on activities.

Finally, the last key component is to include a time of discussion which allows students to verbalize their learning. I would like to influence my students in two ways. Being with a classroom of students, everyday for an entire school year, I like knowing that I have helped my students grow academically. During the 2008-2009 school year, my class and I set academic classroom goals for math and writing for each quarter. It was very exciting to sit down with each child after each quarter and talk about their successes no matter how small the success may have been.

In addition to academic achievements, I want to influence my students as people who will one day inherit our country. Everyday, my students and I work to treat each other with dignity and respect. We work to learn something from everyone in the classroom. We set short term and long term goals, with the expectation that every students will achieve academic and personal success. One of the core teaching strategies that I use to help my students reach success is to give them many opportunities to communicate with me and their classmates.

Whether in group discussions or small group activities, my students know their opinions and ideas are important. Another important strategy that I use is to have a student centered classroom with many hands on activities. I believe so many students benefit from the hands on activities. Not only are they learning key academic components but they are also learning social aspects of how to get along with others. My students feel more empower my students with the ability to make decisions.


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